MAC Birmingham

macEarnscliffe was engaged on the £14.8 million redevelopment of the arts centre based at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, due for completion in 2010. The project has involved re- organising and refurbishing the existing buildings to create greatly improved physical and sensory access throughout; creating a level pedestrian bridge leading to a new main en- trance on the riverside; a significantly enhanced main theatre auditorium, with increased ca- pacity and access; improved reception and ticket office; a new media studio and additional education studio; extra function and meeting rooms.

Earnscliffe’s role has involved working very closely with Project
Co-ordinator and Chair of Trustees Geoff Sims and Chief Executive
Dorothy Wilson and their team, with contractor, Thomas Vale, and two teams of architects, Branson Coates and Chetwoods.

As well as auditing the existing site at project outset to identify key areas that needed to be addressed, Earnscliffe has been auditing the design development since its inception. Other responsibilities have been:

  • input to the marketing strategy
  • assisting in the development of a post completion training plan
  • liaison with access groups
  • access action plan and policy development
  • assistance with funding applications
  • access planning statement


Added Value

Earnscliffe has been involved in the detailed discussions for the purchase of equipment, fix- tures and finishes, including choice of comfort seating for the auditorium, and décor and sign- age schemes sympathetic to the needs of visually impaired and Deaf people.