Birmingham Hippodrome Centenary Development

hippodromeEarnscliffe was appointed to the project team of this £20 million redevelopment at project out- set. Responsibilities included:


  • development of an access design brief covering layout, signage, orientation, fire safety, front and back of house spaces, communication aids
  • induction training for design team
  • attendance at design team and value engineering workshops
  • extensive sightline testing
  • ongoing liaison with the client, project manager and design team
  • auditing the design proposals at key stages and sign off reports
  • contribution to the ACE lottery submission and follow up
  • setting up design workshops with the Access Advisory Group and architects
  • advising on access funding sources and applications
  • development of the access guide


Added Value

Earnscliffe founded and facilitated an Access Advisory Group with representatives from re- gional disabled people’s organisations and disabled theatre goers. The aim was to ensure that user input informed the redevelopment designs and the organisation’s future plans, including artistic policy and programming, theatre management, pricing structure and cultural access.